Darlene Hein, President  (IAMLL2583) 2017-2021
The President is responsible for the efficient administration of the District Lodge’s business.  He/she shall vote only in case of a tie to cast the deciding vote.  The President presides at all Executive and Delegate meetings.  He/she preserves the order, enforces the laws, decides all questions or disputes not controlled by laws of the IAM, appoints committees authorized by the IAM Constitution and District Bylaws and appoints temporary officers (subject to Executive Board approval) until the regular nomination and elections are held.

Mark Meldrum, Vice President (IAMLL99)  2017-2021
The Vice President assists the President at all times in preserving order at meetings.  In the absence or incapacity of the President, he/she shall take over the President’s duties temporarily.  In the event of death, removal or resignation of the President the Vice President becomes President and serves as such until the next election and installation of a successor.

Don Seel, Recording Secretary (IAMLL99) 2017-2021
The Recording Secretary keeps minutes at Executive Board and Delegate meetings.  He/she draws all orders passed by District Lodge, presents all communications and bills pertaining to the business of the District Lodge and does correspondence for and in the name of the District Lodge.

Nick Motkoski, Secretary Treasurer (IAMLL99) 2017-2021
The Secretary Treasurer receives all monies of the District Lodge and keeps account of all receipts and disbursements, reports monthly on the financial standing of the District Lodge to the Executive Board and reports to Regular Delegate meetings.  At the close of June and December each year the Secretary Treasurer prepares an audit report and submits it  including records to the Auditors and Trustees.

Matt Tobias, Trustee (IAMLL2583) 2016-2020 (4-year term)
Ryan Fuchko, Trustee (IAMLL99) 2017-2019 (3-year term)
Matt Barnable, Trustee (IAMLL99) 2017-2016 (2-year term)
Trustees examine the credentials of the delegates and alternates when requested by the President at the opening of the District Lodge meetings.  They have charge of all property belonging to the District Lodge.  They see that all books and records are properly kept.  At the time of the semi-annual audit  they assist the Auditing Committee in the examination of books and accounts and verify the report of the Auditing Committee.  The Trustees are liable to the District Lodge for all funds and other property of the District Lodge under their control.