• IAMAW Local Lodge 1579 – Chartered July 7, 1942 (closed June, 2009)
  • IAMAW Local Lodge 1722 – Chartered February 27, 1945
    Corey Joly
    Marcel Leonard
    Trent Mills
    Patrick O’Halligan (alternate)
    Peter Wanhill
  • IAMAW Local Lodge 2583 – Chartered January 1, 1976
    Michael Byrne (alternate)
    Debbie Giffen
    Marvin Hall (alternate)
    Darlene Hein
    Cody Kirkham (alternate)
    Gerard St. Gelais
    Matthew Tobias
  • IAMAW Local Lodge 99 – Chartered May 1, 1992
    Matthew Barnable
    Wilson Brown
    Ryan Fuchko
    Bradley Laberge
    Steve McNaughton
    Mark Meldrum
    Nick Motkoski
    Donald Seel
    Wade Zenchyson

During December of an election year, the affiliated Lodges elect their delegates for a four year term.  A delegate must have been a member of the IAMAW in continuous good standing for at least two (2) years and a member of the Local Lodge from which they were elected for at least one year immediately prior to their election as a delegate.  In the case of a Lodge not being established for one year, this provision shall be waived.  Delegates are authorized to represent their Local Lodge at each District Lodge Meeting.  They share their knowledge, voice their concerns and vote on any outstanding issues.  Delegates are responsible for reporting the proceedings of the District Lodge meeting to their respective Local Lodges.  The number of delegates are based on the membership count  of each Local Lodge at the end of each audit period.