IAM Labour-Management Pension Plan

The I.A.M. Labour-Management Pension Fund (Canada)

The I.A.M. Labour-Management Pension Fund (Canada) is dedicated to preserving, enhancing and delivering pension benefits for its membership and providing information for retirement planning and decision-making. We provide:

  • Provide employee forms
  • Process Employer Remittances
  • Record employee pension credit
  • Application processing
  • Pension Estimates
  • Pension Payments
  • Year end statements


For more information, please visit the WEBSITE

IAM Labour-Management Pension Plan
703-331 Cooper St, Ottawa, ON, Canada K2P 0G5

Telephone: +1.888.354.5444
FAX: +1.613.594.9038

Irene Perry: ireneperry@on.aibn.com